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PI- ERRE materials
PI- ERRE materials - PI-ERRE - Hairdresser Accessories

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PI- ERRE materials

PI-ERRE materiali

The heads can be made of fabrics :
• stain ;
• antistiro ;
• cottons sanforized (pretreated) ;
• sponge stain (black) ;
and are also feasible in a wide range of colors.
The company PI- ERRE Work Clothes guarantees the quality of its products, all subjected to quality control, from raw materials to the final achievements. All the components were subjected to stringent tests.
All products are genuine PI- ERRE MADE IN ITALY, allow you to live and stand out in their own business, wearing clothing and using a comfortable and fashionable thinking of a compact team, determined, dynamic and professional.
The company-customer relationship is constant and indispensable to meet every need: ideas and prerogatives will be carefully studied and discussed by a qualified business consultant coming directly at the customer premises.
The customer is followed with seriousness and professionalism in order to enhance its image and the image of his business.
PI- ERRE Work clothes is synonymous with quality.


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