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PI-ERRE materials
PI-ERRE materials - PI-ERRE - Hairdresser Accessories

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PI-ERRE materials
PI-ERRE - Hairdresser Accessories

PI-ERRE materials

The heads can be made of fabrics:
• stain removal;
• antistiro;
• cottons shrunk (pretreated);
• Sponge stain (black);
and also are available in a wide range of colors.
The company PI-ERRE Workwear guarantees the quality of its products ' quality control ' of all raw materials and final products. All components have been subjected to the strictest tests.
All products of PI-ERRE are real MADE IN ITALY ' allow you to live and stand out in their own business ' dressing and using stylish and comfortable clothing planning a compact Team ' decided ' dynamic and professional.
The company-customer relationship is constant and indispensable to meet every need: ideas and perks will be carefully studied and discussed by a qualified consultant coming directly at the customer premises.
The client is followed with seriousness and professionalism in order to enhance its image and the image of its activity.
PI-ERRE Workwear is synonymous with quality.