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Tunics - PI-ERRE - Hairdresser Accessories

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PI-ERRE - Hairdresser Accessories


The realization of exclusive range of products meets the most varied trends and evolutions of the market is paying attention to quality and the needs of the business operator.
The construction's design and personalization of every single piece of clothing is made with careful attention by proposing the best solution professional needs.
Among the services offered is the ability to apply SCREEN PRINTING and PLUS SIZE.
Screen customization is made by methods that aim to maintain maximum brand loyalty reproduced and extended life of the personalization.

For our coats we provide is 100% polyester fabric is stain-proof fabrics that 100% sanforized cotton (which is not restricted to washing) ' you can also choose from a wide range of colors. The sizes of reference is English: S ' M ' and ' The extra XL XXL.
We also give our customers the ability to customize your tunics with changes to the chosen template and also with screen printing.


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