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AXENIA - SOCO - Hair Perms & Neutralisers

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SOCO - Hair Perms & Neutralisers

ONDEMOVE - waving system

Axenia ONDEMOVE is the new waving system able to create volume, support and permanent undulations through a single specific lotion for all hair types. A formulation modern and innovative ammonia free and enriched by the Soya protein hydrolysates, amino acid by a complex of marine collagen and Polyquaternium -6 that during the process of creation ? Curl have a moisturizing and nourishing the hair while maintaining its structural features.
ONDEMOVE consists of a lotion molding to amino acids universal ? and a neutralizing system at neutral pH, can regenerate the sulfur bridges thus ensuring elasticity and lucentezzza to curl.
method of use : After shampooing, saturate with the liquid molding hair wrapped on the curlers and leave for 5 to 18 minutes depending on the type of hair :
- Natural hair fine and difficult shutter speed 10-18 minutes
- Natural hair normal exposure time 10-15 minutes
- Natural hair thick and porous shutter speed 10-12 minutes
- Colored hair time to 5-10 minutes
At the end of the exposure time and without removing the curlers rinse thoroughly with warm water and then proceed to saturation with the neutralizing applied directly onto the rollers with the appropriate dosing for 10 minutes. The neutralizing does not contain hydrogen peroxide as the common neutralizing acts quickly and in depth on all the lock without having to play the curler. During the time of installation do not use any heat source because the formula is able to develop its full strength in a very fast and effective. More than 10 minutes to play curlers and rinse thoroughly. In the case of very long hair to increase the exposure time of 5 minutes.
box: - Waving universal system to amino acids : 250 ml bottle
- Neutralizing system at neutral pH : 500 ml bottle